ComForEn 2023 – 12. (Hybrid) Symposium Communications for Energy Systems

Interoperability is the ability of actors, components, and applications to collaborate by exchanging data and information. The next generation of energy systems is expected to integrate many new technologies and applications (demand-response, flexibility services, market participation) across different energy vectors (electricity, heat, gas, mobility, transport) and to guarantee reliability, sustainability, efficiency, and affordability of the system. Thus, Interoperability among those domains, technologies, and applications is a major success factor for ensuring compliance with these requirements.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, TU Wien, and the OVE invite experts from academia and industry to promote research and development as well as to discuss the major challenges on the way to an interoperable energy system. ComForEn 2023 is aimed at component and system manufacturers, power grid operators, energy suppliers, and research institutions. We are looking for contributions addressing different aspects of interoperability in energy systems. The list of topics of interest includes:

  • Data Interoperability in heterogeneous energy systems
  • Customer Interoperability to choose between commercial offers and technology choices
  • Data policy, handling, and compliance toward an open data society
  • Interoperability testing methodologies and facilities
  • Interoperability in specific applications and role interaction: flexibility activation, DSO-Retailer-Communication, TSO-DSO Interaction, Energy Management Systems, Aggregators, Virtual Power Plants, Charging Point Operators, Monitoring Systems, Metering Systems, Grid control systems, Energy Communities etc.
  • Gaps and needs for reaching European Sustainability Development Goals and #mission2030 goals