Webinar: EBC Technical Day – Energy innovations for the city of tomorrow

Content Description
Buildings will take on a new role in future energy systems, both in connection with and through interaction with the infrastructures that provide energy. In addition to increased efficiency and a reduction of energy consumption in the building stock, new buildings must have increased flexibility, i.e. increased adaptability, to base energy consumption on the levels of energy currently available. In future, buildings, communities and entire city districts will move from being energy consumers to decentralised power plants. As plus-energy districts, they can be integrated into the energy system across sectors to ensure that production and consumption are balanced on a local level.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Ministry for Climate Action has put together a brief webinar highlighting activities of the Technology Collaboration Programme „Energy in Buildings and Communities“ (EBC) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) as well as results from Austrian R&D projects funded within the Austrian research and technology programme „City of Tomorrow“. The research initiative Green Energy Lab funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund will round up the program, that targets an audience coming from city (planning) administration, companies involved in building and energy research and innovation and representatives from industrial and economic associations.

The International Technical Day is hosted by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action and organised by the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology.

Program (UTC)

Session Chair Sabine Mitter, IEA EUWP Vice Chair for Buildings, Federal Ministry for Climate Action
11:00 Welcome and opening

Eva-Maria Titz, Federal Ministry for Climate Action
Takao Sawachi, IEA EBC Chair
11:20 IEA EBC Annex 67: Energy-flexible buildings / EBC Annex 82: Energy Flexible Buildings Towards Resilient Low Carbon Energy Systems

Søren Østergaard Jensen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
11:35 Spatial Energy Planning and the Green Energy Lab

Susanne Supper, Green Energy Lab, Austria
11:50 IEA EBC Annex 73: Towards Net Zero Energy Public Resilient Communities

Rüdiger Lohse, KEA Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur, Germany
12:05 Future Quarter 2.0 – Grid-Supportive Conception of (Positive Energy) Districts

Simon Schneider, FH Technikum Wien, Austria
12:20 IEA EBC Annex 75: Cost-effective Building Renovation at District Level

Manuela Almeida, University of Minho, Portugal
12:35 Decarbonisation lost in translation! How to improve the dialogue between research and cities

Helmut Strasser, Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen, Austria
12:50 Otto Wagner Areal Plus – feasibility study of a plus-energy-district renovation

Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Central European University (CEU)
Günter Lang, LANG Consulting
13:15 END


Hannes Warmuth
ÖGUT – Austrian Society for Environment and Technology