R20 Austrian World Summit – Break Out Session

Am 29.5. findet im Rahmen des R20 Austrian World Summit – der Klima- und Energiefonds ist auch dieses Jahr wieder ein Partner der internationalen Konferenz – die Break Out Session zum Thema „CLIMATE COMMUNICATION: Spreading the Message Successfully“ statt.

Background & Objectives
A main outcome of the R20AWS 2018 was the identification of a better communication on climate change as a potential to implement, mobilize and support climate action by addressing decision makers in the political arena, media, business sectors and society. With initiator Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the most prominent climate activist and motivator for a wide range of people, R20AWS will focus on climate communication challenges to develop strategies, tools and discussions on methods to overcome current obstacles within the media and public discourse. Together with top media representatives, communication experts, scientists and well-known protagonists of climate action, the objective of this breakout session shall be to discuss the shape of strategies and instruments leading to successful climate communication. Based on current research results from various disciplines and practical experience, the side event will show best practices and try to solve some challenges in the current climate debate by addressing issues such as framing, storytelling, narration and communication instruments of mobilization.


Moderation: Chris Cummins, Journalist ORF Radio FM4

09:00   Registration

09:30   Opening

             Ingmar Höbarth, Climate and Energy Fund

09:40   Climate Communication: learnings from daily practice

             Marcus Wadsak, ORF

09:55   Climate Journalism: the example of Carbon Brief

            Leo Hickman, Editor Carbon Brief

10:10   Discussion: Obstacles and opportunities in the current media landscape

             Christian Rainer, Editor Profil

             Katharina Rogenhofer, Fridays for future

             Marcus Wadsak, ORF

             Leo Hickman, Editor Carbon Brief

10:50   Undesired side-effects of climate change communication

             Isabella Uhl-Hädicke, Salzburg University

11:00   The role of social media and influencer: how to tell stories

              Madeleine Daria Alizadeh, Daria Daria

11:10   Panel Discussion

              Cornelia Daniel, Solar Entrepreneur and Energy Blogger

              Markus Hafner-Auinger, Executive Director Climate Alliance Austria (Klimabündnis)

              Madeleine Daria Alizadeh, Daria Daria

              Isabella Uhl-Hädicke, Salzburg University

11:35   7 Best Practice Approaches to Communicating Climate Change

              Carel Mohn, klimafakten.de

Questions and Discussion

12:00   Conclusion and closing (Moderator)



Chris Cummins, Radio FM4
Award-winning (Austrian Radio Prize 2016, Austrian Environmental Journalist of the Year 2018) english-speaking radio and print journalist based in Vienna, with experience at Deutsche Welle, France24, Daily Telegraph, Metropole Magazine, Vienna Review & BBC. Since 2002 he works for Austrian radio FM4 (ORF) and often reports about climate-related and environmental topics. He is also video artist for the project Vienna Now.



Ingmar Höbarth, Managing Director, Austrian Climate and Energy Fund
Ingmar Höbarth has been the managing director of the Climate and Energy Fund since its establishment in 2007. The graduate of the University of Natural Resources in Vienna began his environmentally political engagement in 1982 as one of the founder members of the environmental organisations GLOBAL 2000 and Greenpeace. As the campaign manager, within the realms of his twenty-five year service at GLOBAL 2000, Ingmar Höbarth coordinated campaigns e.g. on the Hainburg hydro power plant, rain forest protection, nuclear power plants genetic engineering, climate change and pesticides. Ingmar Höbarth was on the board of directors and the managing director of GLOBAL 2000 until 2006. On an international level Ingmar Höbarth was the representative of GLOBAL 2000 for 8 years at Friends of the Earth International and on the board of directors in the Ökobüro (Eco-office) the coordination office of the Austrian environ-mental protection organisation.

Leo Hickman, Editor, Carbon Brief
Leo Hickman is the editor of Carbon Brief, an award-winning UK-based website specialising in climate change. He previously worked for 16 years as a journalist, editor and author at the Guardian newspaper. Before joining Carbon Brief, he was WWF-UK’s chief advisor on climate change. In 2013, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Exeter in recognition of his journalism. His books include “A Life Stripped Bare”, “The Final Call” and “Will Jellyfish Rule the World?“.


Marcus Wadsak, Weather Forecaster, ORF (Austrian Television)
Marcus Wadsak studied meteorology at the University of Vienna and began his career as weather forecaster at the Austrian public radio and television network ORF in 1995. For many years Mr. Wadsak worked as anchor for the most popular morning show on Austrian radio, the ‘Ö3-Wecker‘. Additionally, in 2004 he became weather presenter on ORF television, where he continues to present the weather forecast on the main evening news program, reaching more than one million viewers every day.  Mr. Wadsak has been head of the ORF-TV weather department since 2014 and is responsible for the coordination of weather broadcasting on all ORF outlets.  Mr. Wadsak is deeply committed to climate communication. He has been a member of the ‘Climate Broadcasters Network – Europe’ since 2007 and is a founding member of ‘Climate without Borders’.

Christian Rainer, Journalist, Editor Profil
Christian Rainer is an Austrian journalist and editor-in-chief of Austrian weekly magazine Profil. He begann his career as a journalist in 1986, working for Vienna weekly magazine Falter. Later on he worked for “Arbeiter-Zeitung” where has led the department for business and finance and for Wirtschaftswoche Austria where he was chief editor until 1997. From May 1997 to 2008 he was Co-editor and editor-in-chief of monthly business magazine Trend. Since 1998 Christian Rainer has been publisher and editor-in-chief of profil whichs one of the most prestigious magazines in Austria.


Katharina Rogenhofer, Climate Activist
Katharina Rogenhofer is well known in Austria for her engagement in the Fridays for future movement. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and together with other students and pupils she has started Fridays for Future in Vienna succeeding in getting high public attention and become a large movement in many cities and communities in Austria accompanied by scientists and many other supporting groups. In March 2019 she has announced to lead the initiative for a climate referendum which was initiated in 2018.  Before that Rogenhofer has made experiences at the UNFCCC as an Communications Intern working e.g. at COP24 in Katowice and has been Vice-president of the THINK Association. Rogenhofer has studied Biology and Zoology in Vienna and in Oxford.

Isabella Uhl-Hädicke,
Environmental Psychologist at the University of Salzburg
Isabella Uhl-Hädicke is senior researcher at the University of Salzburg. Her research focuses on different voluntary and mandatory strategies of promoting pro-environmental behaviour and whether those are promising approaches or rather cause unintended side-effects. The aim of the research is to identify under which circumstances climate change information motivates and under what circumstances it hinders pro-environmental behavior. Since October 2018 Isabella Uhl-Hädicke is Member Of the Management Board of the Climate Change Center Austria.


Madeleine Daria Alizadeh, Daria Daria
In 2010 Madeleine Alizadeh founded her blog Daria Daria which became one of the most successful blogs in German language with a focus on fashion, lifestyle and sustainability. In 2017 she has put the standard blog out of service and started new formats such as a podcast, an op-ed column in magazine “Wienerin”, and serves as a speaker at difference conferences. With her Instagram Account for 212.000 followers and the one of Facebook with approx. 50.000 Daria Daria is often described as an “influencer” for sustainability.

Cornelia Daniel
, Solar Entrepreneur and Energy Blogger
Cornelia Daniel is a solar entrepreneur installing successfully solar power plants for the commercial sector. As a blogger, author and speaker she equips readers with knowledge on the complex subject of energy and current market as well as technological developments.  In 2011 she founded her company “Dachgold” which assists commercial businesses in developing and implementing photovoltaic systems. Her first step was the “1000 + 1 roof” project (Tausendundeindach) which has won the “Green Star Award” in 2014. Being founding member of the Association of German language Energy bloggers and author of more than 400 blog postings for the “Ökoenergieblog” and the most frequented German language blog on solar energy, Daniel is one of the most requested experts when it comes to online communication & energy.

Markus Hafner-Auinger, Managing director of Climate Alliance Austria
Markus Hafner-Auinger is the managing director of Climate Alliance Austria and an expert on climate and development politics. He holds university degrees in International Business Administration and Latin American Studies and has several years of professional experience in diverse educational, academic and political fields. Climate Alliance is the largest climate protection network in Austria. Cities, municipalities, schools, and businesses build a partnership with indigenous organizations in the Amazon rainforest. The main focus lies on information and awareness raising projects and activities to promote knowledge on climate issues and sustainable development and hereby generating public and stakeholder support regarding mitigation, adaptation and climate justice.

Carel Mohn, Project leader klimafakten.de
Carel Mohn is responsible for the klimafakten.de project which is the leading German-language online resource on climate communications providing up-to-date reporting on how to engage the public in addressing climate change. Besides his function at klimafakten.de Mohn is Program Director of Clean Energy Wire. Previously, he worked as Communications Director, Germany at the European Climate Foundation. He was Head of Communications at DIW economic think tank, spokesman for the consumer advocacy association vzbv. He holds a degree from the German School of Journalism in Munich and a degree in political science from the Free University of Berlin.


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