EF Alpbach 2021 – BOS: Green Deal and the City – how to transform cities for livability and affordability?

Cities have marked the development of human civilization; amidst the climate crisis, they have to adapt to the pressing challenges ahead. The European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus initiative are aimed at bringing about climate neutrality by 2050, transforming an entire continent towards sustainability. But issues regarding how to alter the existing housing stock remain to be answered: Can the needs of residents be aligned with climate protection, liveability, and economic growth?

Czaja, Wojciech
Journalist and author,

Strassl, Ingeborg
Project Manager, SIR Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung & Wohnen
Sousa, Pedro José
Architect, University of Porto
Vogel, Theresia
Managing Director, Climate and Energy Fund
Pendl, Georg
President, Architects‘ Council of Europe
Rainer, Ernst
Independent architect and member of committee „Raumplanung und Städtebau“, Austrian Federal Chamber of Civil Engineers
Vranová, Nora
Member of the Board, Slovak Chamber of Architects


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