ComForEn 2021 – ICT for Energy Communities How can we escape the complexity?

Energy management plays an important role for energy communities. Flexible loads and storage systems are the screws to turn for optimal self-sufficiency and reduced energy exchange to the public grid. However, these functionalities require monitoring, control and automation systems, often resulting in very complex and expensive solutions. Furthermore, each energy community tends to be unique not only in its available energy sources and demand patterns, but also in terms of ICT architecture.  

The key topics of ComForEn 2021 will be:

  • Reduction of the complexity of ICT systems in energy community as a key for their success
  • Planning, realisation and operation of energy communities  
  • ICT reference architectures to achieve straight-forward IT solutions and integration of energy infrastructures such as photovoltaic inverters, charging stations or batteries.   
  • ICT-enabled optimisation of supply and demand in an energy community

Additional project workshops and the supporting program offer a platform for the targeted transfer of knowledge from ongoing research and development activities.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, TU Wien and the OVE invite experts from research and industry to discuss the further challenges on the way to a sustainable energy system. ComForEn is aimed at component and system manufacturers, power grid operators, energy suppliers,  and research institutions and – of course – future energy community operators.