Austrian World Summit 2022

This year´s date of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT marks the anniversary of a historic day: 30 years earlier, 154 states agreed upon an international environmental treaty to combat „dangerous human interference with the climate system“ at the so called “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Since 1992 sadly many speeches on the matter have been held, many promises have been made, but emissions continue to rise and the climate crisis and the issue of pollution are more pressing than ever.

At this year´s summit we want to learn from the past, but not dwell on the past. Instead of doom and gloom, the people need to know that change is possible and how we are going to do it!

We will send a strong signal to the world, that there is hope, that we need more action and that – together – we, the people, are able to succeed.

More information about program, registration, e.g. following soon.